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Our health system is failing teens.

Teens are faced with so many challenges as they navigate their own puberty & sexual health journeys, but the external support system isn't currently meeting their needs.

Gaps in school health education

57% of states in the US require sex ed, with only 32% mandating that it be medically accurate

Rise of misinformation

41% of teens can’t tell the difference between true and fake online health messages

Time-constrained pediatricians

On average, pediatrician appointments only last 15 minutes, limiting the opportunities for education 

Increases in teen sadness, STIs & sexual violence

42% of teens experience persistent sadness. 20-30% increases in STIs & sexual violence among female-identifying teens. 

Hiking in Nature

Our mission

Buzzy Health aims to empower the next generation of 55 million teens in the US to take control of their health journeys and thrive as they enter adulthood. With trusted, on-demand support, Buzzy is your partner as you navigate your teenage years. 

"There I was back in my pediatrician’s office, 3 different pills, 9 months, and a rollercoaster of side effects later, desperately wanting to solve my bad case of teen acne. My doctor recommended birth control as a potential solution, but I did not find success until the fourth pill, following a year of feeling like a lab rat during this trial and error process. Never again do I want another teen to feel alone and without support."

Alec Kingston, Founder and CEO

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